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Monday, December 26, 2022

CHALLENGE: Historical Fiction Challenge, July - September


The Lincoln Highway,
by Amor Towles
1950s Nebaska, New York

Two brothers try to start a new life together, possibly looking for their mother, after the older one is released from Juvenile detention. Unfortunately, they best get used to their plans being upended, with the arrival of two lads who self-released themselves and tag along with the brothers. It sounds like a light-hearted romp, but no. It wasn't as good as A Gentleman in Moscow, but it got better as it went on.

My Lady Jane, by Cynthia Hand
1500s England, sort of
I am loving these irreverent remakes of Jane stories by Cynthia Hand. This one is Lady Jane Gray who was Queen of England for a few days. Most of the basic story is here, but Hand has so much fun going in different directions, and these are definitely light-hearted. In this book, the 'extra' is that some people can shape-shift into their animal, and there is a continual issue of losing clothes as they become animals, and turning back to human naked. Pure foolishness!

An Irish Country Cottage, by Patrick Taylor
1968 Northern Ireland

Late 1960s Ireland and contraception and pregnancy are issues for Dr Barry Laverty and Dr Fingal O'Reilly. The local issue is a fire burns down a cottage and the village must get a new house for the family. 

The Deeds of Darkness by Mel Starr
1300s England 
The tenth in the Hugh de Singleton Chronicles follows the medieval life of a surgeon and bailiff near Oxford in England. These books follow a certain formula, and I enjoy them. If you've read all the Brother Cadfael books, this series might be for you.


 Mississippi Trial, 1955 - Chris Crowe 🎧
1955 Mississippi
Pretty good historical fiction account of the Emmett Till murder told from the point of view of a teenage boy, having issues with his family at the same time. The boy is dealing with his developing awareness of life around him, and the conflicts with the tradition and culture of Mississippi, which hasn't probably changed much but is pretty horrific looking in from the outside.


 The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury (ebook) - Mark Levy
1950s England, Turkey

I quite liked this story of a girl who lost everyone in WW2 making a journey to Turkey after hearing a message from a fortune teller. This was one of those Amazon Free World books. There was a friendship started in a rooming house, secrets, and life in Turkey for a while. I am particularly fond of Turkey having visited there while on a cruise years and years ago. It made an impression. It was a gentle, poignant story and worth my time.

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