Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MEME: It's Tuesday, Where are You?

Once upon a time, I hosted this meme every Tuesday. Then I stopped, but I'm going to try it for the summer. The idea is just a way to share what you are reading, by setting. You can answer in the comments, you can make your own post on your blog, what ever you like!

I am in Yellowknife, at a radio station that somewhat reminds me of WKRP (with God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly). I haven't been here in Yellowknife long or often, but what little experience I have says that there will be some interesting characters. People who move North tend to be, well, unique. (Is this true John Mutford?) (Late Nights on Air, Elizabeth Hay)

Where is reading taking you this summer day? Write a post, leave a comment.


  1. Sweet! I was wondering about this! I think I'll write a post!

  2. Some comments lost in the interwebs:

    arcona said: I'm in British Columbia at a little B&B hosted by the Bachelor Brothers. Lots of unique people staying there with me.

    marg said: Yay! I always enjoyed this meme!

    I am currently in Regency England watching the attraction between a lady and a private investigator (A Lady Never Surrenders by Sabrina Jeffries) and also in South Western Australia during the early 1800s as first contact is made between British colonisers and indigenous Australians (That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott)

    Bev said: Oh, Yay! Short answer: Seattle, Washington 1901. Will do a post (probably Wed for Tuesday) that sets it up better.

    @Arcona: I love the Bachelor Brothers! Hope you're enjoying your stay with them.

  3. I've had this book in my mind for along time. Maybe I'll get a copy and read for the Canadian Challenge this year.
    Wild turkeys can fly!

  4. Oh, and I am in London with AM Smith, and in a fictional Wildwood with Colin Meloy.

  5. Yes, except from the others who moved North ;)


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