Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CHALLENGE: Young Adult Challenge

Oh that Joy,
She just doesn't stop,
The challenges she makes,
Put me over the top

We have all year,
Just take a look,
All we have to read,
Is 12 YA books.

I don't have a full list yet, but young adult books can be a quick read, and very enjoyable after those 'important Pulitzer' winners. Plus, I work at a high school and have easy access to these books. Cause if they don't have it, it's not young adult.

Here's a list of potential reads (probably already on another list):

And since each of these authors has written other books, I am leaving room for reading sequels and other books by them.

update: April 30th, challenge completed, wrap up posted here


3M said...

You are in for a treat with The Book Thief and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Excellent books!

Suey said...

I've read them all except Speak, which I've just added to my mental list to read someday! They are all excellent! Enjoy!

GeraniumCat said...

There are sequels to some of my list too - such pleasure! I haven't read any of your choices, so I shall look forward to reading your reviews.

Joy said...

Welcome to the YA Challenge! :) You've got a great list with lots of fun reading ahead of you. I've read 4 of your choices and enjoyed all of them. Woo Hoo!

alisonwonderland said...

all of your potential picks are either ones i've already read (and enjoyed) - Pretties, Specials, Twilight, and Beauty - or ones on my TBR list - The Book Thief, The Goose Girl, and Speak - except A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which i'm reading right now! happy reading!

raidergirl3 said...

3m - I know you enjoyed those, it made it easy to put them on the list

suey - I didn't feel like I was taking many risks in picking these books

geraniumcat - your list was all new to me too.

joy - thanks joy. You have great challenges that are hard to turn down

alisonwonderland - I've heard good things about all these books.