Thursday, March 13, 2008

CHALLENGE: Orbis Terrarum Challenge

The Orbis Terrarum Challenge is being hosted by B&b exlibris who say:

Here is the deali-o!

- The Orbis Terrarum Challenge begins April 1 2008 (you are welcome to join later) Through December 20th 2008.
- For the challenge each reader is to choose 9 books (for the 9 months).
-Each book must be by an author from a different nation in our world.
- You can change your list of books at any time, just as long as you have read nine in the end.

The bottom line: choose 9 different books, written by 9 different authors, from 9 different countries

I'll make a bit of a list to begin, reserving the right to change at any whim!

  1. The Plague - Albert Camus (Algeria)
  2. A Case of Exploding Mangoes - Mohammad Hanif (Pakistan)
  3. Literary Murder: A Critical Case - Batya Gur (Israel)
  4. This Blinding Absense of Light - Ben Jelloun, Tahar (Morocco)
  5. In the Country of Men - Hisham Matar (Libya)
  6. The Cruel Stars of the Night - Kjell Eriksson (Sweden)
  7. A Fraction of the Whole - Steve Toltz (Australia)
  8. Shadow Family - Miyuki Miyabe (Japan)
  9. The Snack Thief - Andrea Camilleri (Italy)
  10. Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones (New Zealand)
  11. Things Fall Apart - Chiua Achebe (Nigeria)
  12. Out Stealing Horses - Per Petterson (Norway)


bethany said...

looks like a good list. I haven't read any of them, but I will be excited to see how you review them and if I need them on my list!!!


Susan said...

I am really thinking about joining this challenge. RATS! And here I was, thinking that I had joined enough! Just when I think I've gotten away.......I'll let you know if I join and what my books are. You're probably laughing too. You have some very interesting choices too!

raidergirl3 said...

bethany - thanks, they are books I was hoping to read. I'm trying a few mysteries form around the world, since I like mysteries, but this allows me to try different countries.

susan - I thought I had joined enough in January, and now a bunch of fun ones from last year - Once Upon a Time and the Nonfiction 5 are tempting me. I am laughing, and I bet I'll see your choices soon.

Susan said...
Here's my choices....joined at last! thanks! and now for the fairy tale challenge...and this will be the last one...oops, just saw the non-fiction challenge....yikes, who knew the readers could come up with so many challenges???? right, that will be the last one....I can only read so many books a year!! By the way, you have a real neat list of books to read for the Orbis challenge.