Saturday, November 3, 2012

BOOK: Audiobooks by funny ladies

Bossypants by Tina Fey (5 h, 32 min), read by Tina Fey

If some books are truly meant for audiobook as read by author, then Bossypants is Exhibit 1.

Tina Fey is a very funny comedian, and her timing and dry wit elevate this collection of essays to hilarious. Really, there isn't much more I can say here - she's hilarious, her take on life is self-deprecating but also woman-empowering, and I'd listen to her read the direction to bake a cake.

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If You Asked Me (And of Course You Won't) by Betty White (2h 17 min), read by Betty White

This was the first audiobookI listened to, just to get me started. I was limited by what books my library had available, and which ones were in MP3 format for my iPhone. The book was read by Betty White, and was composed of small essays on whatever topics interested her. She's 92, she gets to do what she wants! It was cute, and amusing, and gave some insight into the life of a star. Because Betty White is a big star!

Most of the essays would have been written after her most recent resurgence - the Super Bowl Mars bar commercial, hosting SNL after the Facebook campaign, and her Emmy-winning role on Hot in Cleveland, and she mentions a lot of names but doesn't dish at all. She is very complimentary, but I think that also goes with her philosophy of life. She seems to genuinely enjoy what she does, and is very appreciative of her good fortune in life.