Thursday, February 7, 2013

READATHON: Snowmageddon! 2013

Chrisbookarama is hosting an impulsive Snowmageddon! Read-a-thon because our East Coast is going to get walloped this weekend. Here's what she said on her blog:

What to expect from Snowmageddon! Readathon:
  • Reading updates
  • Gratuitous photos of snow, pjs, socks, and snacks
  • Weather reports
With the start of new semester at high school, I am up to date on planning and correcting, and now that I expect most sporting events to be cancelled on Saturday and Sunday, my week-end is looking pretty free. Although I do have a great pile of books I can work through.

The only break in my schedule is my plan to watch a livestream basketball game that my son is playing in. He's actually in Cape Breton with Chrisbookarama at the prestigious Coal Bowl. His team is going to be in the cross-over game tomorrow, and hopefully, the 2 pm final game on Saturday. The only problem for me is if there are any internet problems. We've been having some trouble with buffering some of the games so it better be working on Saturday. Feel free to cheer for the Charlottetown Rural Raiders along with us!

Weather forecast: strong northeast winds, snow at times heavy, and blowing snow will begin overnight Friday night and intensify on Saturday. Amounts of 20 to 30 centimeters are possible by Sunday morning.

And when watching the weather here, it's all about the winds! Anyone else want to grab a book and join?