Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BOOK: Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker

Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker, 305 pages

Miss Hargreaves is the last of the Bloomsbury 'pretty cover' books I bought back in 2009. It was different, and maybe a little too long. Here's a librarything link to all the books in the series. (The Bronte's Went to Woolworths was the most fun of the bunch!)

Miss Hargreaves is the story of two young men (early 20s) who foolishly make up an elderly lady, who suddenly then appears in their life in real life. Written in 1939 it describes a different England. The main character is an organist in the Cornford Cathedral, and some of the music and church life could easily have been cut out.

The premise is funny, and seeing the boys react to her answering their letter and showing up was good. But that wears after a while. The middle part of the book, up to the point where they realize they have to 'get rid of her' somehow, dragged a bit. But then the ending was good again.