Friday, April 20, 2018

BOOKS: Mysteries from Iceland and Australia

I've found two new international mystery series - one from Iceland and one from Australia. My list of series at is getting longer and longer!

Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson (audiobook 6 h 38 min, read by Quentin Bates)
Dark Iceland Series #2

 Iceland with its isolation and the lack of sunlight seems to make it the perfect location for mysteries. I've very much enjoyed the Arnaldur Indridason police series so finding a new series set in Iceland was a major find. Unfortunately I listened to the second book before the first but I'd like to go back and find the first. A policeman is shot, and Ari Thor, another local cop has to look into the people he knows. I always prefer police procedurals, and this one was great. Lots of people with secrets and things to hide, and it is up to Ari Thor to figure out which parts belong to the murder. 
I believe there are 5 written in the series already, but my library doesn't have them so I'll have to look around elsewhere for them.

The Dry by Jane Harper (audiobook, 9 h 44 min, read by Stephen Shanahan)
Aaron Falk #1

I really liked this mystery set in Australia during a drought. A local boy, now living in the big city as an investigator is brought home for the funeral of his childhood friend who has massacred his family, apparently due to debt. Once he gets home, a previous murder from his childhood comes back to the forefront. So a great back and forth in time, with secrets and mysteries from past and present as Aaron Falk deals with his grief and his past. I liked this one so much I've already got the second one, A Force of Nature, downloaded to listen to. This seems like a great series to get in on at the beginning.