Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GAME: The Bookword Game

We're back! Suey and I are back for another season of bookword challenges. Sometimes the week's book calls out to lots of people and sometimes we get few suggestions, but still good ones. What I suggest you do, especially if you read this on Google Reader, is to star this post, and then you can think of it during the week and come back with your suggestions. Think on it, mull it over, come back and read the post again, and maybe an idea will pop out at you. We allow more than one suggestion from people too! Sometimes a random suggestion will inspire another idea as well. Think of the suggestions as brainstorming - no bad ideas, just go with your first thought.

To start it off, we'll go with a write-in suggestion from one of our loyal players:

What do you call an author that is one you know you can always count on for a good read? It can be for comfort, excitement, whatever - you know that author will deliver.

I'll take ideas in the comments for the next week. Then we move to Suey's for two weeks, where she will post a poll to vote on at her blog on Wednesday, and after a week, announce results and a new word.

If you have any suggestions for new words, or for the game, leave them in the comments or email either Suey or me.

Have fun!


Bibliolatrist said...

How about "reliaread"?

Jan said...

That type of book is a 'dependaread' to me.

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Ooh, along the lines of what Jan said, I was thinking 'depend-a-thor' (sounding like dependauthor) and, of course, if you want to stick with Bibliolatrists you could do reliauthor too. All this sounds a bit like dinosaur names.

Thoughts of Joy said...

Oh yay! I'm happy to see this game back in action. :)

My suggestions are:

a safe author

a proven author

a sound author

Bybee said...

Ace in "that ace in the hole" or in baseball, your ace pitcher.

Megan said...

Maybe a reliascribe? =)