Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BLOGGING: Just for Fun

 The Land of Painted Caves drinking game

You will need:
1 copy of The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel
1 (or more) bottles of alcoholic beverage of your choice
Someone to drive you to the hospital / home stomach-pumping kit

Take a drink every time a new advancement is made within the Nine Caves or the general sphere of Ayla’s notice. If Ayla herself invents something (or utilises something in a freshly practical way) you must drink until the next point that Ayla's dress sense is complimented.

Take a drink for every ptarmigan killed with a sling, two if their fluffy feet get a mention. Alternatively, just keep drinking until you can’t remember how Creb liked the birds prepared.

Take a drink if Ayla adopts an animal, two if someone objects, three if it kills someone, and four if she takes out pet insurance with More Than.

Take three drinks every time Ayla and Jondular share Pleasures. Take another if mention is made of how ‘much’ of him she can take, and have some bar snacks and come back in a bit if it looks like he pleasures her first, then she reciprocates, and then they manage to get each other off simultaneously, all without pause. Have another drink if you think Auel ever had sex, ever. That's a bit mean. Have another drink if you think anyone ever had that sex, ever.

Take a drink every time Jondular’s ‘special affection’ for illegal teens is mentioned.

Have a drink every time Ayla saves a life.

Have a drink for every three pages of description unbroken by dialogue or plot-movement.

Have a celebratory drink if a) Ayla hears about Durc (two if she finds him) b) Ayla hears about her Clan or c) discovers her actual origins.

thanks to trishtrash at livejournal's bookmeme community for this very fun drinking game. I am now all set for the sixth and final book to be released.