Sunday, May 27, 2012

MEME: Crime Fiction Alphabet: Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction - a Community Meme.

This meme  (highlighting crime fiction titles or authors) was run first on Mysteries in Paradise in 2009-2010 and was re-run in 2011.  This week's letter is the letter B. Head over here to see what other books are being highlighted this week.

Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood, 208 pages

Aussie Author Challenge; Series Challenge (book 6 of 18 in this series)

Phryne (fry-knee) Fisher is the coolest detective around, especially in 1920s Melbourne, Australia. She is rich enough to do as she likes, with whom she likes, and she does, with at least one new handsome fella each book. As she joins the circus in this book, friend that she is of some gypsies, she gets to meet some 'freaks' and clowns, and sleep with some new guys. The books are more than Phryne sleeping around though. By joining the circus and learning to ride bareback on horses, she leaves her servants and 'people' and learns that she can survive on her own, a powerful lesson. The mystery is generally forgetable, but getting to spend some time in another time and place with the definition of a cool chick, is always enjoyable.