Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOOK: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, 369 pages

RIP 7; What's in a Name 6: topographical feature

Super creepy (and a little confusing at the end)! But what a great book! Perfect to read for Reader's Imbibing Peril.

A bounty hunter, Teddy Daniels,  is sent to a secret island off Massachusetts, home to a controversial mental hospital, where a criminally insane woman has escaped. Teddy and his partner land on the island just as a huge storm is about to hit. Ooh, atmosphere! As the men investigate, things are not what they seem. There are conspiracies, scary people, and they take us on quite a ride as they explore and investigate this hospital for the most dangerous of the criminally insane. How did a patient ever manage to escape? Then we gradually learn more about Teddy, and he has some secrets and connections as well that I can't reveal.

As the storm hits, the tension amps up, and then wow, I could not put the book down. Then the ending. Lots of twists, and I wasn't quite sure what had even happened. I talked to a friend at work who had seen the movie, and then I understood, and it was even more well done. Lehane writes superb thrillers (I have already read Mystic River) and I'm looking forward to reading one of his detective books next.