Thursday, January 28, 2016

TBT: AWARD: Make My Day

TBT from January 29, 2007:
Another post from the draft pile of digital clutter. I guess I never posted this. Oops! Some of these bloggers are no longer blogging, but some I still am friends with.

Sweet Jill , mrstreme, at The Magic Lasso, has given me a wonderful award, since I guess I make her Day! I'm a little slow getting back to this, but I am to pass it on, very easily , to other bloggers who make my day, everyday, as I blog roll and hop.

There are many blogs I look forward to, and I hate to leave anyone out, but here are some of them, and since the ones I can't get on here are so great, I know that they will be nominated if they haven't already. I previously gave my mwah awards out; since I already kissed them, they should know: they make my day.

chris at book-a-rama - my neighbour in the Maritimes, who reads great books, and has the best Friday buzz links

tiny little librarian in the tiny reading room- a kindred spririt in reading, I enjoy her reviews and since we usually like the same books, I get good recs from her

joy at thoughts of joy - I love her reviews, and she holds nothing back. I often enjoy her bad reviews more, even though it means she's read a bad book. I can't even count how many of her challenges entered

bybee at naked without books! - bybee's enthusiasm comes through all the way across the Pacific, as she finds books and book clubs to share her reading. Great reviews

pam at sidewalk shoes - she reads, she cooks, her blog makes me drool, it's my new favorite hangout, and I hope to get invited for supper soon

paula at on a rainy night - I used to be more crafty, so I love seeing all of Paula's wonderful crafts and hearing of her expanding family. She sounds so cheerful.

suey at it's all about books - she reads great books, and some of her all time favorite books are my all time favorite books too.

kookiejar at a fraternity of dreamers - the links, the Lost, the fun. Don't you all just love seeing kookie's name on the blogroll with a new post?

argh! there are many others I want to add, but don't want to leave anyone out, but I know I have, so I waited a week to finish this,