Monday, November 7, 2016

NONFICTION NOVEMBER: Choosing Nonfiction

Week 2: (Nov 7 – 11) – (Rachel

What are you looking for when you pick up a nonfiction book? 

I like a wide variety of books and learning about new things. I also want the writing to be enjoyable. Sometimes a narrator I like is enough to make me pick up an audio NF book.

Do you have a particular topic you’re attracted to? 

I lean to science books of many kinds, including social science. There have been several books I've read in the last few years that have to do with brain research - the amygdola for example, was a common thing in books for me one year. The brain is fascinating. I also like biographies or memoirs from famous people or even interesting unfamous people. But a well written book on any topic is the main thing. 

Do you have a particular writing style that works best? 

Narrative nonfiction, nonfiction that tells a story within the information tends to appeal to me the most. Strict science info can get deadly, but throw in some anecdotes and I'm interested. If there can be some humour as well, I'll probably love it.

When you look at a nonfiction book, does the title or cover influence you?

Yes. A clever title will draw me in. Like How I Killed Pluto, and Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown or We Need to Talk About Kelvin are two scientific titles that I noticed, and then the book was worth while as well.

If so, share a title or cover which you find striking

All of the Dava Sobel titles are gorgeous. The gold not coming through on the blog, but have a look for any of her titles - all beautiful. Plus, her books are really good too!
Check out the covers for Galileo's Daughter, Longitude, Planets, and A More Perfect Heaven: How Copernicus Revolutionized the Cosmos

The colours attract me, and the Memory Palace idea is a big concept in the book. I looked at this one at my library for a long time, mostly because I liked the rows of colours.

How could you not love this cover?