Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

So, what do we call a book that you find yourself checking how many more pages, every single page? Well, by the narrowest of margins*, we now call it a CheckBook. Joy at Thoughts of Joy suggested that name and it really fits. Thanks to everyone who voted and made suggestions. The more that play, the more fun the game becomes. Spread the word if you are having fun.

* CheckBook garnered 23% of the vote this week, with Neverending Story a close 20%

Read any CheckBooks lately? or RecommenDuds? Hopefully not on both counts.

Now on to the Third Edition of the Bookword Game:

The next book that needs a word is:
a book that reminds you of another book you have already read, not necessarily in plot but in tone or atmosphere or writing. It might even be a connection that only you can notice.
Any ideas? Let's take suggestions in the comments. Then next week, Suey will have the poll up at her site for voting. If anyone has an idea as well that needs a word, feel free to add that in the comments as well. Suey and I are making a list (ahh, glorious lists!) of ideas.


farmlanebooks said...

A Book-clone?

Chris said...

How about Deja-book?

Joy said...

I guess my entry wasn't THAT silly after all. :)

Being that my word won, I want to encourage everybody to offer up anything that may apply. It can spur others to conjure up a word or just plain give them the courage to push the "Publish" button. If my word can win - so can yours! And, not only that - it's good fun.

My suggestion for this week is:

raidergirl3 said...

woo hoo, lots of suggestions already. Keep 'em comin!

What Joy said!!
(reminiscent is one of those words I never remember how to spell)

Jan said...

My suggestion is Doppelbook

Terri B. said...

My suggestion is SimulaBook.

Wendy said...

Can I suggest two? If not, the first one is my first choice:

Twin Tome
Paired Prose

Chantele said...

A TwinTale? Kind of lame...but at least I tried!:)

John Mutford said...

How about a SamePage book?

CoversGirl said...

A Memoread. (I have got to stop doing these late at night - I'm sure I'd think of something better earlier!)

~Kylee in CT said...

I like CoversGirls' suggestion: Memoread. Like the old "Is it live or is it Memorex?" commericals.

Julie said...

Brother Book

Kristi said...

How about a Match Book?

Booklogged said...

Really good suggestions. I have nothing.

blacklin said...

My suggestion: