Friday, June 30, 2017

AUDIOBOOKS: Young Adult Summer Sync Books

Quick little reviews of some of 2017's YA Sync downloads

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde 
I read this ten years ago, found it boring, and still did. The idea of the story is great, but the execution and Wilde's absurd philosophical talk is just too much. 

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams 
Another reread from ten years ago, this one is still as funny and amusing as it was the first time. Also absurd, but it holds up a bit better. 
This book also has the answer to everything, in case you were wondering, and is considered a sci-fi classic.

Bronx Masquerade - Nikki Grimes 
Another book written in verse for me this year. A high school class in the Bronx holds an open-mike Friday for students to share their poetry, and they learn a lot about each other, and what might be going on behind the surface. Nicely done, well performed on audio.

Boy - Anna Ziegler 
The LA Theatre Works downloads are simply an acted out play recorded live. This one is about the aftermath of a horrific accident on a baby, raised as a girl for a while until he finds out the truth. The psychiatrist who 'studies' him is terrible, but the play is dramatic and full of emotions. Gender is so much more complicated than boy or girl.

The Dead House - Dawn Kurtagich 
This was a crazy ride of multimedia sources - diaries, video footage, interviews which document a mystery. A fire years ago in a school and a missing girl. There is split personalities, paranormal stuff, some violence, pretty much a bit of everything. I had a great time talking about what all happened with my sister who also listened. As usual, discussing a book brings a new perspective and blanks were filled in. Overall, this was a pretty interesting young adult read. 

Teenage Diaries: Then and Now
Did you ever watch Seven Up from the old BBC programs? It followed a group of kids and interviewed them every seven years, from 7, 14, 21, 28, and so on. It was fascinating seeing how they grew, and a tad intrusive at the same time. This is a similar audio, revisiting several former teenagers who were profiled on Radio Diaries from NPR. Different people, different stories. Radio Diaries is also available as a podcast