Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Series I've Been Meaning to Start

Cool! This is a topic that was originally posted in March 2013, and I wrote a post then. Time to check in and have a little reckoning on my list-making skills (and follow-through).  Check out The Broke and the Bookish for future lists, and the find all the other participants.

1. Mo Hayder's Jack Caffery series (5 books) 
Excellent! There ended up being 7 books and I read them all. Loved Jack Caffery! This one is at the edge of my violent description levels, but I really enjoyed the series.

2. Laurie R King's Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series (12 books)
Oops! Haven't started this yet, and now there are 15 books in the series.

3. George RR Martin's Game of Thrones series
This doesn't surprise me that I haven't started this series, and some day I will because I know they are really good. 

4. Karin Slaughter's series with Georgia (3 books), Will Trent, and Sara Linton
The labeling of these series can be confusing. I've read the 8 books in the Will Trent series, and Sara Linton shows up in the later books. This was a good police series; I probably listened to half the books. 

I'm at 50 %  series read so far!

5. Kate Ellis' Wesley Peterson mysteries (17 books)
Nope, haven't read any, but I've picked up 3 of them at book sales.  And now there are 21 books. Yikes!

6. Amitov Ghosh's Ibis Trilogy
I still want to read this trilogy.

7. Michael Stanley's Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu (3 books)
Starts with A Carrion Death, and now there are 7 books. I feel like there is a chance I'll start this series.

8. Ariana Franklin's Mistress of the Art of Death (5 books)
There were only 4 books, and Ms Franklin died, but I loved this series set in the 12th century. Read them all!

9. Declan Hughes' Ed Loy mysteries (5 books)
Well, I forgot all about this series, and I'm pretty sure I have the first book, The Wrong Kind of Blood. Still only 5 books - seems readable.

10. Anchee Min's Empress Orchid series (2 books)
You'd think I could read a 2 book series, but apparently not yet.

So, final tally - 3 series read, but I read them completely, so that counts for something! I thought I was going to list the books I had already added to my FictFact lists, because I had 9 new series already listed there. None of them are the ones I never read from my list 4 years ago. 

Here's the 9 from FictFact. I add new series as I read good reviews, so I won't forget.