Saturday, June 9, 2007

BOOK: So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson

I declare that today was the perfect summer day. I don't expect to have such a wonderful day again all summer. We had nothing that had to be done, no where we had to go. The weather was absolutely ideal - mid 20s, slight breeze, sunny. I mean, it was perfect. The kids were around, in and out, sprinkers going, balls thrown, neighbour kids around, climbing trees, teasing brothers, the works. Barbeque steak, baked potatoes with sour cream and green onions (we never have those on hand that are not expired) for supper. We walked up to Tim Horton's after supper to get some donuts for dessert. And my school work is left until tomorrow, mercifully guilt free.

And since the kids are getting older, they can play somewhat unsupervised. I was able to swing on the deck swing, and read So Many Books, So Little Time all day. It was the perfect book for today - I could read a bit, turn on the sprinkler. Read a bit, turn off the sprinkler. Read a bit, get cold drinks for everyone (Corona for me!) And I read the whole, wonderful book today. Nelson herself would say that reading is all about timing! timing! timing! and location! location! location! See, I had both today. Nelson chronicles her year of reading, and how she responds to the books, and how fluid the process of picking and reading books is. Of course, I identified as a reader to many of her statements and feelings about books. That feeling of: it's not just me.

She covers the same type of areas as Nick Hornby did in The Polysyllabic Spree, another book I completely enjoyed. This book was recommended several times in our Something About Me Challenge - sally,, and vasilly. I can see why, and I would put I book like this on my list too. I can't believe I didn't add Hornby's. Nothing profound or startling, just nice.
Wonderful book, wonderful day. le sigh


  1. What a wonderful day! I know what you mean about the kids getting older and suddenly time opening up for reading. The book sounds great! I've just added it to my tbr pile :-).

  2. I loved this book. I read it all in one night.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, pefect day!

    I hope to get to this book soon!

  4. I just loved this book too, in every way.

  5. I haven't read this book, but when it was published the idea behind it inspired me to read at least 52 books a year. I am now a maniac about keeping track. This year I am up to 40 books so far.

    I thought the Polysyllabic Spree was a bit of a downer. It made reading seem more like a chore than a joy.

    My faves for books on books include Nancy Pearl's Book Lust, Anne Fadiman's Ex Libris, and Helene Hanff's 84 Charing Cross Road (and if you have seen the movie version of that last one, you haven't lived!).


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