Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHALLENGE: 2nds Challenge Completed

2nds Challenge Completed

This one didn't go quite the way I expected, but I read at least three authors for the second time during the time frame October to December 2007. Not the books I planned, but they were authors who called out to me, again:

I read one I planned, two that were alternates, and two I hadn't read the author for the first time when I made up my original list back in June. I feel like I am back dating this list, but, Joy is understanding about changing lists when the books call to you.

So, thanks for the second helpings Joy. I have a big list of authors that I still want to read for the second time. Thanks Joy, it was a great idea. I'm still challenging with Joy next year for the Young Adult Book challenge, and she has another couple on the go as well.


  1. Congrats on finishing and I'm glad you liked your second helpings! :)

  2. joy - thanks, I need more time to read books once I find a new author

  3. Congratulations, Elizabeth! I just finished my final book for this and the TBR challenge, and will probably post my review and wrap up later this week. This was a great excuse to dive into authors we'd been wanting to read again, but hadn't, wasn't?

  4. thanks wendy,
    I didn't even get to some of the ones I own that were seconds, le sigh, but it was great.


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