Friday, March 14, 2008

CHALLENGE: Once Upon a Time II

Look what I found on Carl's Stainless Steel Droppings:

The time for the second annual Once Upon a Time Challenge is fast approaching. I like to have this coincide with spring (and my wife’s birthday), and so this year Once Upon a Time II will begin on Friday, March 21st and will go through Friday, June 20th, the last day of spring and Midsummer Night’s Eve.
This is going to be big. There will be multiple quest options, great contests and giveaways, and all the wonderful reading a person can handle. More details including banners and official sign up will be available sometime next week. Get your to-be read piles dusted off and ready to go!

Last year I hesitated, and wavered, and eventually joined since I was reading His Dark Materials Trilogy anyway. It wasn't hard to try a few more, as this whole genre was rather new to me and not my most comfortable. I enjoyed reading my choices and was glad I joined. And to top it off, I won a prize at the end! My own little poppet I named Christie, and some bookmarks and posters. So of course I am keen to join Carl's next challenge. And don't forget how much fun the RIP II was in the fall.

I wish I had gotten on board earlier in the challenge last spring, because part of the fun would have been chosing books in the different categories: Folklore, Fantasy, Fairy Tale and Mythology. I think that this year I'm going to try all Fairy Tales and I've been collecting a little list, waiting for this challenge to start. It's just about spring!

Carl is all about the equinoxes.


  1. Fun stuff-I'm off to check this one out (like I really need to join another challenge, LOL!!)

  2. aaagh, another really good challenge! Stop it!! Just kidding....I have to go look at the challenge,I'll let you know if I join....I'm considering the exlibris one too, sigh...

  3. You won my contest for The Sister! Send me your address at trish dot browning at gmail dot com. Congratulations!


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