Sunday, October 5, 2008

WEEKLY GEEKS: Top Books Published in 2008 (week # 20)

Dewey says:
This week, let’s see if we can get our readers to help us come up with our one big top books of 2008 list. The more contributors we have, the more accurately our final list will reflect the book blogosphere’s opinions.

How to:
1. Please post about the project in your blog, asking your readers to make their own lists. Please refer them to
Weekly Geeks #19 for the details.

2. You can tell your readers that next week I’ll be giving away another box of 11 books from Hachette. ONLY bloggers who have made a top books of 2008 list will be eligible to enter. That means you, too, of course! By the way, I also have two other giveaways going on right now, one that’s open until the 6th and one that’s open until the 8th. Just in case you want to enter those.

3. Your readers who make lists should go back to Weekly Geeks #19 to leave their urls in the Mr Linky by October 11th. I’m not even going to put a Mr Linky in today’s post just because I don’t want the urls left in more than one place. That might confuse me and my wonderful helpers, Renay and Jackie. The url in the WG #19 post counts as an entry for the Hachette box of books, so if you already left your url there, you’re all set.

4. Every time one of your readers leaves a comment on the Weekly Geeks #19 post saying they heard about the top books of 2008 project from you, you get a bonus entry in the drawing.

I've made my list already, but I have a couple more I'm reading soon, hopefully before Oct 25th, so they can make the best of list this year, if they make it. I won one of those Hachette Box of Books and they are awesome. This one looks like it is timely for the election.

I'm not sure if I have any readers who aren't Weekly Geeks, but I'll post this regardless. I accidently published this before I meant to, so it's already on the google reader, but I'm not going to publish it again until Sunday.

Here's the books published in 2008 that I really want to read. I've seen them on other people's Top in '08 list, and I wish I had read already:
1. People of the Book -Geraldine Brooks*
2. When Will There Be Good News?- Kate Atkinson*
3. Heart and Soul - Maeve Binchy*
4. The Wednesday Sisters - Meg Waite Clayton
5. Songs for the Missing - Stewart O'Nan
6. That Potato Peel Book
7. The Sister - Poppy Adams*

*I have the book here, or just about


  1. I'm not sure I've read a single book published this sad is that?

    I wanted to let you know that Annie's new vocabulary game is starting (the first list just went up). We're so hoping you'll play again!!!

  2. good list! I want to read O'Nan's new one (now that I know it's out), but I sadly did not read one book published this year yet!! So I can't really vote on this....


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