Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

There are only three weeks left of my summer vacation - how has the time gone so quickly? We've started getting some school supplies and new clothes and sneakers, thinking about back to school. One child is going to go through serious video game withdrawal when school starts in September. Yikes! We have some big milestones this year, as the oldest starts junior high and the youngest starts grade 1, so we'll have lots of changes around here this year.

In reading, I am on beautiful Cape Breton Island. I am a priest struggling with decisions and repercussions from investigations I made years ago. By protecting the church and priests, I may have damaged more than I saved. (The Bishop's Man, by Linden MacIntyre)

I am also in New York with an original Rent cast member as the play is brought to Broadway, in Anthony Rapp's touching memoir. (Without You, by Anthony Rapp)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. I think I'd rather be on Cape Breton Island than in NYC.

    Here's mine: where are you?

  2. If the weather's anything like as warm as it is here I'd definitely prefer Cape Breton Island.

    I've just left London to go to a house-party in the country. It's been an eventful day.

    More details here.

  3. Reading has taken me to Tennessee where I'm participating in two of my favorite hobbies - reading and knitting.

    Find me at Joyfully Retired

  4. I'm at a big old country home, overlooking an island with a lighthouse, somewhere in Britain. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.

  5. Ooh, I like the sound of The Bishop's Man :D

  6. This isn't exactly the point but - y'all don't start for three more weeks? Several of my good friends are elementary school teachers, and they started yesterday. Jealous on their behalf!

  7. jenny - we went til the end of June! Last day for my elem kids was June 26th and teachers worked until the 30th. We have July and August off.

  8. Hi!
    Both your books sound good, but I think I would rather be at Cape Breton, it has to be cooler there than here. Mine is posted at my place, Just Books. Have a great day!


  9. Either place doesn't really sound that happy to me in the context of the books. ;) But in terms of locales alone, I'd go with Cape Breton Island.

    Here is where I am this week. I seem to be hanging out in England quite a bit lately.

  10. Changes are coming to my family this year. My husband and daughter who are in education have both been transferred to new schools. The Bishop's man sounds intriguing.

    I am here

  11. Here's mine:


  12. In England people think us teachers are lazy beacuse we get 6 weeks off, in America you seem to get much more. I go back in 3 weeks tomorrow, going to be a busy year as government inspectors are coming to review the school - oh so stressy.

    In reading (I'm in a reading slump) I'm in Swindon in the UK still, discovering a possibly new copy of the missing Shakespeare play

  13. katrina - Oh, they think we get lots of time off here in Canada too.
    Swindon, eh? Thursday Next should pull you you out of any reading slump. I have the second one here, but I haven't got to it yet.

  14. That sounds nice. Not as hot as Okinawa, which is where I live right now.

    In my reading, though, I'm in Ireland.

    I'm glad to join in!

  15. Good luck with your last few days of freedom. We go back Sept 8 and aren't looking forward to it.

  16. I am in Panem (which is actually the country that the USA turns into in a dystopian future). My name has been drawn to become my district's entry into the fight to the death contest known as The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  17. I am in the Carribean on Nevis Island going back and forth between the present day and the early 1800s. In both time periods I'm on the same plantation. (Receive Me Falling)

  18. I just left 17th-century Massachusetts and the Puritans.
    "The Scarlet Letter"


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