Sunday, June 17, 2007

BOOK: Quite a Year for Plums by Bailey White

Simple little story, not much happens. It was what I would call, with my limited experience, a typical southern story. Quirky characters, full of setting and not much really happened. I enjoyed reading about Roger and his extended ex-family, and some of the neighbours during a year in their southern Georgian town. Thankfully there was a list of characters and I relied heavily on it for the first few chapters, trying to keep everyone straight. White's writing was wonderful and "heartbreakingly tender, often hilarious". Reading this book reminds me of other southern experiences and characters, like The Golden Girls, and Junebug (movie starring Ben McKenzie.) I don't often identify with the characters, but they are unusual and interesting to read. Is there a crazy person in every small southern town? They seem to be tolerantly amused by their neighbours, not judged. Themes of nature and change and tolerance; gentle read.
Here's a better review than mine, which sums up the book excellently: a review