Sunday, December 6, 2020



Hello, and welcome again to the Virtual Advent Tour, hosted by sprite writes. Check her blog everyday for a new Advent post from all over the world. Everyone is welcome to share a bit of their Christmas or holiday. If you would like to contribute, head over to sprite writes and pick a date. She has done such a great job keeping this tradition going. (The advent tour is where I first met sprite back in 2007 - how is that possibly that long ago?)

I know everyone says it, but 2020 has been a rough year. We have been extremely lucky here on PEI and have been quite Covid-free, but this week we had a case at my high school, so teachers all had to be tested, we've got 60 or so kids on quarantine as they were close contacts of the positive case, plus all the other kids who are rightly concerned and anxious and stayed home. So far, it doesn't appear to have spread, but it's been a crazy, stressful week as we joined the rest of North America in dealing with the pandemic. 

Everything about Christmas is going to be different for so many people, so falling back on the little traditions that make Christmas meaningful will be more important than ever. Enjoying some decorations you inherited or made, making some favourite recipes to eat with your household, listening to music and watching your favourite holiday movies can all still happen during a pandemic. 

Here's a song I quite enjoy, even if it becomes the biggest ear worm once I listen to it. Adam Sandler amuses me and it's a holiday song - enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by again this year. Having the Virtual Advent Tour is now a tradition at Christmas for me, and one that continues in spite of the pandemic. Here's a look back at my past posts:

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