Friday, December 6, 2013

EVENT: Advent Tour 2013

Welcome to An Adventure in Reading's part of the Virtual Advent Tour! I'm a little late today, but I did make it.
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I've recently discovered audiobooks that I can listen to in my car on my iPhone. As Christmas is approaching, I've rediscovered an old author favorite who writes short, Christmas based novellas. The best part is the Victorian setting, with all the stuffy mores and antimaccassars (which always reminds me of The Big Comfy Couch and her Aunty Maccassar! gotta love jokes for adults in children's programming) 
Each book is only 3 to 4 hours long, with a little mystery.
Anne Perry is very well known for two of her mystery series, William Monk, and Thomas Pitt. Both are Victorian mysteries and I've read nearly all of both series, although I think there have been new Thomas Pitt books recently released, so I am behind on some.

1. A Christmas Journey
2. A Christmas Visitor
3. A Christmas Guest
4. A Christmas Secret
5. A Christmas Beginning
6. A Christmas Grace
7. A Christmas Promise
8. A Christmas Odyssey
9. A Christmas Homecoming
10. A Christmas Garland
11. A Christmas Hope: A Novel

So far this season I've read A Christmas Guest, which had a character from the Thomas Pitt series, his grandmother-in-law, a cranky old biddy, who recognizes some of her bad behaviour as she visits another family over Christmas. Perry analyzes moments to death (she thought she sensed a fraility or fear as he answered her question, but it happened so quickly she almost thought she imagined it, the tensing in his shoulders) but the mysteries are simple, with a small village, 'anything can happen' feel.They are getting me into the Christmas feeling everytime I drive in my car.

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 Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! I hope you all find a lovely book to read under the tree.

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