Sunday, July 15, 2007

BOOK: Restless by William Boyd

I received Restless by William Boyd from randomhouse to read and review. And who can turn down a good book? This is going to be a mystery book by a new author for the Summer Mystery Reading Challenge. Mysteries have always been my default genre and I am enjoying this challenge a lot, but it isn't helping my to-be-read pile as many mysteries are the beginning of a series and then there are so many new books. So, the fact that Restless is a stand alone book was a big plus for it. However, the mystery in this book is, How well do you ever know anybody? And How can you ever trust anyone when you are working as a spy?
This spy thriller is set during World War II and present day England. In the 1970s, Sally Gilmartin suddenly reveals to her daughter, in the form of a manuscript, some of her role as a spy for Britain during the war. The story takes place back and forth, past and present, as both Gilmartins deal with the aftermath of double crossings and confusion over who is really whom.
Can't say much more, because mysteries aren't mysteries if you know what happens. I read this book quickly and got all caught up in the spies. It was just enough double crossing that I could truly follow and not be utterly confused, as spy thrillers often do to me. I liked the mother's part of the story better, but both parts are needed because the war story was never resolved. Overall great book, I'll look for another Boyd book to read.


  1. Another author to look into ... thanks! :)

  2. I've had my eye on this one since I first heard about it. It's on my wishlist currently. Your review definitely increases my desire to read it!


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