Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

Where is reading taking you today?

I am in 1950s Mississippi living on a Mudbound farm, and there are racial issues. There is an intenseness here, but I am flying through it. (Hillary Jordan)

I also just bought a ghost on Ebay. I think it will be delivered in a Heart-Shaped Box. (Joe Hill)

Summer is here finally! We graduated the grade 12s on Friday, and this week at school is cleaning, organizing, and professional development, and eating lunch out. It's such a big treat when usually I'm stogging a sandwich in while in the physics lab, or while on duty in the cafeteria, supervising 600 or so teenagers. Today I tried a new deli downtown, and had a curried chicken on rosemary focaicia bread, with a side green salad. MMmmmmmm.


  1. I'm on Soldier Island in England on the Devon Coast. There's ten of us and we're being murdered one by one. (And Then There Were None-Agatha Christie)

    I sent the girl off to school for her last full day today. It makes me teary eyed. She just started and already a whole year has gone by. She looks like a big kid now.

  2. I have Mudbound on hold at the library. It looks great!

    I'm currently in Restoration England. King Charles II has just passed away, and his hated brother is about to take the crown. (Duchess by Susan Holloway Scott)


  3. I just bought Mudbound, and I can't WAIT to read it! I'm looking forward to your review!

  4. chris - I love Christie! Enjoy, and also try Tommy and Tuppence, they are great.

    My oldest will start grade 6 in Sept, and the youngest will start kindergarten. It goes sooo fast.

    lezlie and laura - it's very readable. I'm hoping to finish it tonight maybe.

  5. I'm flitting between London and Citta'Gazze, a meeting point between the worlds.

  6. I'm on Pawleys Island near Charleston, SC. My friend who owns an art gallery has discovered a wonderful new artist - it turns out, however that she's recovering from a horrible divorce. I may have to unretire from my law practice to help her out.

    Pawleys Island by Dorothea Benton Frank

  7. By the way - I LOVED Mudbound - best book I've read this year.

  8. I'm still on my long, long , long trip to Russia. (War and Peace)

    But in the meantime, I plan on visiting Farworld, a fantasy land I'll be discovering soon. (by J. Scott Savage)

    Oh, and also, I just started a trip that takes me right into my own head, which is a little bizarre. (A New Earth)

  9. I don't know what planet I'm on but whichever it is I'm running from Urgals with Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. We're in the Beor mountains at the moment. The author is, of course, Christopher Paolini.

  10. Here is where I'm at, where I've been (for a short time) and where I'm heading.

    Like you, raidergirl3, I'm in the South, but up and to the right on the map, in the Carolinas and just a bit earlier in time at the start of the 20th century.

    Where some of the rest of the commenters are, I wish I was there too, except for maybe on that island on the Devon Coast in England. ;) Oh, and I'm going to Russia later this year with Dostoevsky, so I'll be near where Suey is, but by then, she should be out of there. :)

  11. I wish it was end of term at our school, 3 weeks left!

    I'm in Atlanta dreading having to clean up soldiers and I have just come across the familiar Rhett Butler hanging around (Gone With The Wind)

    I am also travelling all over with Australian writer Elizabeth Costello, yesterday we went to America twice, Africa, a cruise and Australia today we are lingering in Amsterdam,(by Coetzee), not much left of this book so I should be off on a new journey to Korea later (The Red Queen)

  12. I am in Africa before it was a continent. I am with a tribe of other cavepeople who live near water. There is tension and constant change troughtout the lands. Love is in the air. (Shame of Man by Piers Anthony)

  13. I'm in Baldwin Hills in Southern California with occasional trips into Fairyland. It isn't easy dealing with Fairies you know, especially the Queen (Titania), King (Oberon), and Puck. If it weren't for Baldwin Hills you might think I'm reading A Midsummer Night's Dream, but I'm actually reading Magic Street by Orson Scott Card.

  14. I just left Green Gables in Avonlea - a beautiful little house near The Lake of Shining Waters, Birch Path and Lover's Lane. It was a stroll down memory lane for me - I just finished Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

  15. sprite - Is that the Pullman? I read it last year. The subtle Knife was neat how it worked.

    suziq - Pawley's Island sounds great. Glad to hear you liked Mudbound so much.

    suey - a trip in my head, or anyone else's would be bizarre, like that movie 'Being John Mlkovich'

    cath - Erargon is a series I haven't read at all. My son hasn't shown any interest yet either.

    justareadingfool - thanks for stopping by, and playing at your blog too. I've enjoyed most of my southern reads so far.

  16. katrina - 3 weeks means the end is in sight. Hang on!
    Ew, Elizabeth Costello. I didn't enjoy my time with her at all.

    confuzzled books - that's one I havent' heard of. It might be good for the African reading challenge

    terri b - That Card book sounds good. I just got another Ender book to read for the summer, but an adaptation of Midsummer's Night Dream would be fun.

    mrs s - Was the Snow Queen in bloom? It's always wonderful to meet another kindred spirit!

  17. I am hiding in caves in Arizona. th eworld has been taken over by a race of souls who take over human bodies (The Host by Stephenie Meyer)

    I am also in the Cayman Islands waiting for a mermaid gathering to begin (Swimming without a net by Mary Janice Davidson).

  18. First, to answer your question, I am in an alternate history of Wales after the Germans invade the UK in World War II. It's Resistance by Owen Sheers.

    I will be curious to read your review of Mudbound. I am excited about this book! Hope to get to it soon.

  19. I've been around California with Cupcake Brown, a 13 year old runaway/orphan. This poor kid is a mess!

    A Piece of Cake: Cupcake Brown (memoir)

  20. I just finally stumbled out of the jungles of Papua New Guinea. (The White Mary by Kira Salak)

    Now I'm in Scotland checking out an island where locals are sure the Devil has been sighted! (Pig Island by Mo Hayder)

  21. forgot to subscribe to comments. oops!

  22. marg - I still haven't read a Myers yet. I'll be looking for your other review, Caymen Islands sounds beautiful.

    Jill - I liked Mudbound, but it was a bit uncomfortable, with the racist stuff.

    juli - Cupcake is a new book to me. Sounds interesting.

    nicola - I just read your White Mary review, and wow. I'll keep an eye out for that one.

  23. I'm in early 1930s France with Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. They've just gotten their love affair under way.

  24. I'm late to party but still want to join.

    Well I've globe trotted across France & most of Europe with Marie-Therese (Marie Antoinette's only surviving child). Then I ventured across the pond to New York City with Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. Now I'm back across the pond again in Victorian England in the 1860s working on a murder mystery. The frequent flyer miles are adding up this week.


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