Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

Where is reading taking you today? I am in an old age home and some of the residents seem to be on the verge of a revolt of some sort. (Exit Lines by Joan Barfoot.) I'm still looking into the Trouble With Physics and real life is going to slap me in the face today, as I am back to my physics classroom. Oh my. The students arrive Thursday.

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment or a link to your post and share where reading takes you.


  1. Honestly I don't know where I am with this one book, it's a made up town and I don't believe the state/province has been mentioned. But I am at highschool with a couple of kids who have decided to buck tradition and find out the truth about a horrible social outcast system that goes on at the school. (Getting the Girl by Susan Juby)

    I'm also in early 1920s America as actress Rosamond Pichott. So far she's been all over the place but mostly on Broadway and touring with the cast. (The Loveliest Woman in American by Bibi Gaston)

  2. I haven't played much lately! I'm in Poland and France during WWII with a little girl named Sarah...and sometimes I'm in present day France with Julia trying to uncover Sarah's mystery!

  3. I've had hardly any time for reading this past week (SO frustrating) so I'm still in Arizona with Diana Lively and her family and friends. I'm in the last third of the book and I'm hoping that the various storylines will wrap up the way I want. Looks like they're headed that way. I can't wait to see if my guess about one of the storylines is correct.

  4. Playing along for the first time today. Here's mine.

  5. I've just travelled back from England to Chile, with me future husband and grandparents. I'm about to embark on a marriage which will apparently be wrong for me.

  6. I've just travelled back from England to Chile, with me future husband and grandparents. I'm about to embark on a marriage which will apparently be wrong for me. (Portraits in Sepia - Allende)

  7. I'm in Darfur in the mid-80s attending a girls school. I will go on to get my medical degree and return to my village as it's first ever Doctor.

    "Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur" by Halima Bashir and Damein Lewis

  8. I'm in the 1950s watching a prize fight between two heavyweight boxers ("The Museum of Dr. Moses" by Joyce Carol Oates); I'm just beginning my interview with Vida Winter ("The Thirteenth Tale" by Dian Setterfield); and I'm watching two sister's squabble over a missed marriage opportunity ("The Ladies of Grace Adieu" by Susanna Clarke). Whew! Who knew I could be in so many places at once?

    I'm really enjoying Oates' book. I had a hard time putting it down all weekend.

  9. Compared to everyone else, I guess mine might not seem very exciting. In fact, it's kind of dreary. Here is where I am, though.

  10. Here my post

  11. nicola - both look good, esp the first one

    wendy - can't wait to here how that turns out, glad to see you here again

    suziq - this week is not reading well for me either, ugh.

    tanabata - glad to see you here. Welcome.

    katrina - Allende hmm. She intimidates me, but the story sounds good.

  12. printedpage - girl power! Maybe they need more women in power in Darfur to solve some problems

    baddict - The only Oates I've read was the super creepy Zombie. Watch out for Vida winter, she has her own agenda

    justareadingfool - aah, Dickens is never boring. I was in the plague for a week, that was dreary.

    shannon - thanks for stopping by

  13. I'm sort of lonely and depressed, I guess, in Canada (Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland), just entered the Alhambra (The Last Queen) and am admiring the Moroccan artistry. I've been fighting the Civil War for weeks (The Words of War). I think that's it!

  14. I'm in New York with a bunch of annoying rich folk (Saul Bellow's A Theft. I could use a revolt right about now. Could be worse, I guess. Safer there than Darfur.

  15. I am firmly entrenched in England! I have just journeyed to Hammersmith to meet my new tutor Mr Pocket (Great Expectation by Charles Dickens). I am also getting involved in the beginnings of the silk trade in England in the 15th century (Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett) and I am getting myself embroiled in a plot to try to expose a treasonous spy in the time of the Revolution (The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig)

  16. 1. I'm hanging out with Anne Elliott in Bath. "Persuasion"

    2. I'm getting all Dark Ages; partying like it's 1135. "The Pillars Of The Earth"

  17. I'm still in Boston trying to help the Dante Club solve a series of gruesome murders based on Dante's Inferno. (The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl)

    I can't wait until things calm down around here so I can read more than one book every 2 weeks!

  18. I am in Tokyo, it is the begining of the book THE DEVIL OF NANKIN by mo Hayder

  19. Our school has been in session for 2 whole weeks already (with students).

    I'm in Hollywood with Emmett James as he casts for weird & funny acting jobs. I think he's soon to be cast as a steward in Titanic. (fun memoir titled Admit One)

  20. Lately, reading has taken me to Mr. Rochester's mansion in Jane Eyre. But, I've also been enjoying a nut tree with Scaredy Squirrel. In my classroom of third graders, of course.

  21. bookfool - I loved Eleanor Rigby, but I always love Coupland.

    john - most places are safer than Darfur.
    Man, that picture freaks me out when I first see it. It takes me a minute to see your face, everytime.

    marg - cheerio! enjoy your stay in jolly old.

    bybee - 1. I've only been to Bath with Catherine Moreland in Northanger Abbey
    2. Party on!

    terri b - read more than one book every 2 weeks
    I hear you, sister!

  22. madeleine - I've heard that author, Mo Hayder, all over the place recently.

    booklogged - boo! on school that starts before Labor Day. I didn't accomplish enough today, but the kids will arrive tomorrow anyway.
    That memoir sounds cute. I think I've heard of it before.

    belleza - How do the grade three's like Mr Rochester? kidding. I liked Jane Eyre much more than I thought I would. Enjoy.


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