Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

Don't forget to vote for the latest Bookword. I'll have the results of the latest game tomorrow and then we'll take suggestions for a new word during the next week. Try to stop by and throw out a suggestion, the more that play, the better.

We are planning to take the kids to see Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail at out local art theatre this week. The idea of watching with a whole room of people should be fun and the kids are looking forward to it. They love the silliness of the whole movie. Got any good quotes to get me in the mood?

I am back and forth between Toronto and Greece, a Jewish orphan from Poland, trying to piece my life back together, hoping that love will be the cure. (Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. Am I really first today? I'm from Toronto but currently in Italy: Here's my post

  2. Here! In London! And life is quite wonderful!

  3. I hope love is the cure!!

    I'm here and hating it!!:


  4. I am in New York, Louisianna. and Washington.


  5. I feel as though I have been saying this for weeks now, but I am stuck in the ice with the crew of The Terror. It could be worse, I could still be reading this book in three years time! (The Terror by Dan Simmons)

    I am also still in Scotland, having just reintroduced myself to the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser! (Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon)

  6. I'm in England. The book is titled The Dream Room by Marcel Moring.

  7. I'm not dead yet!

    Come back here, I'll lick you to death!

    Killer bunny run away!

    I'm in Maine, learning about the life and times of Olive Kitteridge.

  8. I'm in China. My post is here:


  9. I'm still at sea, but my 'journey' is just about done...

    Happy Reading, All!

  10. Here's mine for today:


  11. I am discovering the devil in Chicago while the World's Fair is under construction.

    As for Holy Grail quotes - my personal favorites are:

    -"It's just a flesh wound"


    -"I'm not dead yet!"

  12. Here's mine. http://cherryblossommj.blogspot.com/2009/04/teaser-tuesday_28.html Off an on the open seas.

  13. Hi!
    I'm in The Caribbean. Mine is posted at Just Books here: http://sherriesbooks.blogspot.com/2009/04/its-tuesday-where-are-you-and-teaser_28.html Have a great day!!


  14. Fugitive pieces is a great read. I'm onto the last 30 pages of my book, set somewhere in the Caribbean (Love in a Time of Cholera)

  15. I'm traveling again! I'm in Japan following various people around as they longingly seek and try to understand love. (The Love We Share Without Knowing by Christopher Barzak)

  16. Oh, you'll enjoy Monty Python, I'm sure! It's only a flesh wound ...My reading has taken me to California this week. Here's my post.

  17. I'm in New York City gettin' all dry and witty with Mr. Robert Benchley!

    The Benchley Roundup (1954)


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