Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BOOK: Survivor by Mark Burnett

Survivor by Mark Burnett, 228 pages

Nonfiction Five Challenge; Dewey Decimal Challenge: 700s

A couple of weeks ago I found a website that listed somebody's top 115 Funniest Moments in Survivor history. And since I don't have enough time suckers to amuse me on my computer, I read them. All of them. And it brought back some great memories, as I have watched Survivor from the first episode, calling out to my husband that he had to come watch this show, it was awesome! Somewhere in the midst of the Boston Rob and Rob C and Rudy and Rich references, there was a mention of a book written by Mark Burnett about the first season. Whee! My library had it and I put in my request.

Very soon after, season 1 was shown as a marathon on Victoria Day Monday here in Canada. I watched it all day and then as late as I could, and was impressed with how great it was all over again. So reading this book just puts the topper on my recent Survivor trifecta. I really enjoyed the book - producer Burnett wrote it as the show was being filmed on the island. It covers the timeline of the episodes, and the characters, and provides some insight into the production and the motivations of the castaways. Recommended for Survivor fans.


  1. I think the only season I didn't actually watch was China. Not that I've loved all the seasons, but the girlies like to watch with me. (They thought JT was pretty cute, so he totally got their vote!)

    I think I would probably like it better if it was about more than just the first season, though. But I definitely need to find it and check it out!

  2. My mom loves Survivor. This will make a great birthday present -- thanks!

  3. This sounds cool! I really liked the first season, but then I got reality tv disinterested. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I'll have to look for this book. I was a closet Survivor fan for years - afraid to admit to anyone that I was hooked and watched it regularly. During that first season I started out sort of half watching the beginning episodes and then became more and more hooked as it continued. By the time it ended, I was a fan.

  5. stephanie - our kids love watching Survivor too, especially the challenges.

    jess - throw in the DVD of the first season too - she'll love it.

    kailana - I've been hooked to all the seasons. I don't always watch at the beginning as much, but it is must=see TV at our house.

    lori - why a closet fan? Heck, I'll even admit I watch Big Brother - a much trashier and train wreck of a show. But watch out because BB is like crack, and once you get hooked, you cannot get off it.
    Survivor is such a great show. If you go back and watch the first seasons, they really had it easy. Seeing them worry about rationing their cans of food, and all the fish they could eat, plus their changes of clothing, makes the later seasons look so much harsher.

  6. Ooo, I'm a fan, I might have to check this one out! I think I'll definitely visit the time suckage website. :)

  7. tll - if you go to the top 115, I'd start at the bottom and work my way up to #1. I started at #1 and went down, so they got less and less dramatic, but I had no patience to wait and find out, :)


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