Sunday, June 27, 2010

CHALLENGE: The Four Month Challenge, Part 4

hosted by Martina at She Read a Book for the fourth time!
July 1 - October 31, 2010

The idea is to read and gather as many points as you can. A book can only count for one category. My aim is to try to get 200 points - or 4 out of 5 in each category. But it is the summer, so it's all just for fun. After 4 times, I really can't stop now.

My ideas are in italics, if it's been read, it is bolded. Here's where the updates go.

Total points = 160 points

5-Point Challenges:
Read a chick-lit book - Heart of the Matter, Emily Giffin,
Read a book with a proper name in the title - Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Jeff Lindsay
Read a historical fiction book- The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Wayne Johnson
Read a book with a one word title- February, Lisa Moore
Read a book made into a movie- Barney's Version, Mordecai Richler

10-Point Challenges
Read a book with a Civil War theme (any country.)- ?
Read a Biblical fiction book- ?
Read a hardcover book-  Spies of the Balkan, Alan Furst
Read a book about a king or queen- King Leary, Paul Quarrington
Read a book set in France- Death in the Truffle Wood, Pierre Magnan

15-Point Challenges:

Read a book by an author you’ve never read before- Catherine O'Flynn, The News Where You Are
Read a biography or autobiography- Invincible Louisa, Cornelia Meigs
Read a book with a number in the title- Five Quarters of an Orange, Joanne Harris
Read any book and then post a review- Burnt Shadows, Kamila Shamsie
Read any book but read it outside- The Girls, Lori Lansens

20-Point Challenges:

Read a book in a series AND the one after itAugust Heat and The Wings of the Sphinx by Andrea Camilleri
Read a book that was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction- The Good Earth
Read a book considered Christian fiction-
Read a book from The Modern Library Top 100- Death Comes for the Archbishop, The Angle of Repose
Read a book by an author born in July, August, September or October-  Alexander McCall Smith (August 24) The Full Cupboard of Life