Sunday, July 11, 2010

BOOK: The Girls - Lori Lansens

It's Orange July, time to read a book or two that have been nominated for the Orange Prize. I've chosen a Canadian nominee from 2007, Lori Lansens and her wonderful book, The Girls. For more info on the Orange Prize Project, check out the blog or the Facebook page.

The Girls - Lori Lansens, 457 pages

Orange July: longlist 2007; Countdown Challenge: 2005; 4th Canadian Book Challenge

Ruby and Rose are 29 year old conjoined twins. Rose is writing her autobiography, and Ruby writes a few chapters to be fit in between Rose's. The two sisters have extremely distinctive voices, as Rose is a writer, trying to tell her story, putting thought into what she is telling, while Ruby writes much more straightforward, more like a child's diary. The two views of similar events are a wonderful technique to show the girls different personalities and take on life.

The story is not huge, just the story of their remarkable, yet unremarkable life. Living in a small town in southern Ontario, they have a small circle of family and acquaintances, even while being well known. The writing was wonderful, and I couldn't put it down. I like a book that has some foreshadowing of events so I am not too startled and the two sisters tell their story very differently, and in different order. Nicely done.

I've already passed this book along to my sister, and I am now looking forward to Lori Lansens other book, The Wife's Tale.

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