Sunday, February 6, 2011

MEME: Crime Fiction Alphabet

Hosted by Kerri at Mysteries in Paradise
By Friday of each week you have to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week.
Your post MUST be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname.
So you see you have lots of choice.
You could write a review, or a bio of an author, so long as it fits the rules somehow. 

This week is letter D. D is for Death in La Fenice by Donna Leon. This is the first book in the Guido Brunetti Mystery series, which is up to book number 19. Looks like I have some catching up to do. I'm a bit late this week, but hopefully will get on track with the letters next week.

Death in La Fenice by Donna Leon, 278 pages

Global Reading Challenge: Italy; Criminal Plots Challenge: first in a new to you series

At the Opera House in Venice, the conductor never comes back after the second act. He's been poisoned by cyanide in his coffee. Commissario Guido Brunetti is called in to investigate. It's Italy, so expect unreasonable bosses, great food descriptions, lots of wine, red tape, and wonderful atmosphere. Brunetti deals with his unreasonable boss, and has a wonderful family with aristocratic connections.

The mystery is secondary to Brunetti's interactions with the suspects and the setting. The writing is clear, with great characters.  As my Camilleri mystery series (Inspector Montalbano) is practically up to date, this will supply my Italian fix when I need it. I quite enjoyed all the references to different areas of Italy that are mentioned and the accompanying stereotypes of Naples and Sicily.  Yes, I'll be reading more of this series.