Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MEME: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

Good morning! It's March Break here at an adventure in reading, time to rest, read, and recover from all that learning we've been doing in school. Also, time to clean a bit and plan a birthday party for the almost eight year old. Birthday parties are the height of the social season in the grade two world, and the planning cannot be started early enough, in her mind. We've decided on a Club Penguin theme, so now I need to figure out how to make Puffle cupcakes.

When I get a break from party planning, I am reading and I am in Ireland. It's Easter Monday, 1916 and the Irish Republican Army has just staged their uprising. Told from Henry Smart's point of view, it's a sad time in Ireland as he's been living on his own, on the streets, since he was five. (A Star Called Henry, by Roddy Doyle)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, have fun.