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BOOK: The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny

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This week is the letter P, represented by Louise Penny. Louise Penny is a Canadian author and her Inspector Gamauche series has won her many awards - three Agatha Awards for best novels in 2007, 2008, and 2009. The series is set often in the small village of Three Pines in Quebec.
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The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny, 460 pages

Book Awards V: The Agatha Award 2009; 4th Canadian Book Challenge

book 5 of 6 in the Three Pines Mysteries

Another murder in Three Pines brings Inspector Gamauche back to the village with all the village gang - Peter, Oliver and Gabriel, and poet Ruth. The body of a man has been found in Oliver's Bistro, but who is he? No one in the village recognizes him. Is his death related to Oliver? Or is there a connection to the new Spa being developed in the old Hadley house that had the first murder in the series?

This book delivers the usual strong murder, with Gamauche keeping his eyes and ears open. There was less about the political intrigue in the Surette and Gamauche and his boss. Also, his team seemed somewhat less involved. I think overall, this volume has a different feel than the previous book - more with the characters of the village and the mystery, less with the police themselves. I think I liked this one better, without the other side stories.

Next up - Bury Your Dead, then I am up to date.

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  1. I'm so happy to read that you enjoyed Louise Penny's Brutal Telling. I thought it was fantastic! I really like the contrast of the violent or brutal crimes with the picturesque village of Three Pines. Inspector Gamache's character is great and I like many of the other characters, too. I agree that this one was a little different than some of the others, less politics & the rather insolent & odd young police woman.

    Brutal Telling is the first Louise Penny books I read. I received an ARC right after I started blogging & went on to read the first two.

    I still have The Cruelest Month and then The Rule Against Murder, which I don't think is set in Three Pines, to catch up to Brutal Telling and then continue on. I'm not one to read many series but I really like this one. Since you've read them all, I guess you like them which I'm glad to know!

  2. Amy - Yes, they are great mysteries. I like that they are Canadian - there aren't many Canadian mysteries. Gamauche is great. The Rule Against Murder (called something else in Canada, maybe A Still Life?) wasn't at Three Pines, but don't worry, Three Pines plays a part. Keep reading, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

  3. I found it ironic that we almost simultaneously posted about Louise Penny. I believe you will enjoy Bury Your Dead. Louise is now an author I look forward to reading as soon as a new book is published.

  4. I agree - this one definitely had a different feel to it. I have such a literary crush on Armand Gamache. This case was tough on him and I've got the next book on my ipod to listen to as soon as I finish my current audio book.

  5. Oh, I just lucked into books 2,3, and 4 on the paperback shelves at the library this week. I had just put myself on a single book limit, so you can imagine that I had to think for a couple of seconds before snatching all three up and making a dash for the door. Can't wait to catch up with you!

  6. bill selnes - everyone is reading Louise Penny! Actually, her first book, Still Life was chosen for a 'one island, one book' event on my home province of PEI this summer. I'll probably read Bury Your Dead this summer.

    suziQoregon - this case was tough! I'll be trying to get to the next book soon. That'll be one series I've caught up on.

    buried in print - good to see you again! Especially in time for the Orange Prize winner. I've missed you the last month.
    I think that all the Louise Penny books count as one book, it's just one series after all. So I don't think you've broken your library vow.

  7. I read the first one last year and really liked it - I didn't realize the series had grown so much! I'd better get back to the Inspector...


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