Thursday, August 25, 2011

BOOK: The Widows of Paradise Bay by Jill Sooley

The Widows of Paradise Bay by Jill Sooley, 253 pages

Canadian Book Challenge5

Prissy Montgomery is shocked and horrified when her husband, Howie, announces he is leaving her and wants a divorce. But that is nothing compared to the shock when she heads home to Paradise Bay, Newfoundland, with her teenage son, and discovers that her mother has taken out an obituary for Howie and announced him as dead. This great little read continues to blend the drama with the humor as Prissy meets up with some other young widows, and they all try to deal with their new life.

I hate funerals, which makes me something of an anomaly as far as the population of Paradise Bay goes. p 65 Sooley nails the small town life, and is full of fun Newfoundland, sure as be b'y. (Funny story - when I was in Newfoundland in July, a few of us went shopping in downtown St John's. The highlight for all three of us was getting to hear some 'real' Newfoundland accents.That, and the fish 'n chips at Dukes.) Prissy never really comes out of the fog that has become her Ontario life until she returns home - how ironic! The three widows each tell their own story, and far from overwhelming, all the characters come to life distinctly and their stories are balanced and integrated, although they revolve around Prissy. And while the book feels plenty humourous, there is much more, with tragic deaths and families learning how to be together. This was a great book.

also reviewed: Melanie, at the Indextrious Reader, which is where I first learned of this book. Thanks Melanie!