Sunday, April 10, 2016

UPDATE: April so far

First time to have crucuses bloom!

The weather is:
Almost spring? There is was no snow (except for the pile that fell last night, but it will melt, I'm sure) All the bulbs I planted last fall are poking through the ground.

I am listening to:
Audiobook: The Great Leader by Jim Harrison. He died a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd try a little audiobook. It's a mystery, so I like that. Not so much all the leering at women he does. Hopefully the mystery goes well.

Just finished listening to Finders, Keepers by Stephen King. Another book that turned out to be a mystery, although this is the second in a series, after Mr Mercedes which I haven't read. It was a good King listen/read.

I am watching:
Firstly, I'm so excited that Call the Midwife is back on the air - best show on Television. I also quite enjoy Grantchester, the 50s mystery that airs after on my local PBS station.

On the other hand, I also can't stop watching Project Runway All Stars, and Project Runway Junior which are both airing now.
What can I say - I'm a gemini and have two sides that need to be nourished!

I am reading: 
Just finished A God in Ruins which I liked better than its companion book, Life After Life. I just started another longlisted book from the Bailey Prize list, Ruby by Cynthia Bond before short list comes out tomorrow.

I have Helen Simonson's newest book, The Summer Before War on hold at the library. I could have picked it up today, but felt like I needed a reading cleanser before embarking on another English time around WW2. However, I'm very excited to be picking up this book as I loved Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.

Books Entering House:
I'll be picking up the newest Simonson from the library, and while it is not quite time yet, I got an email about the newest season of YA Sync books, beginning the first week in May. Check out the link if you like FREE audiobooks you get to keep.

 Plans for April:
Short list for the Bailey Prize comes out tomorrow
- Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships being held here in Charlottetown. Both of my girls are on PEI Wave teams competing
- Oldest should be getting home from univeristy near the end of April
- getting outside a little for some Vitamin D
- Burger Love on PEI - 73 gourmet hamburgers to try for the month of April in support of PEI Beef growers