Friday, July 1, 2016

UPDATE: summer

The weather is:

absolutely gorgeous! This past week is warm and sunny and makes a person believe in summer.

I am listening to:
assorted YA Sync Titles - finished The Sin-Eater's Daughter which I liked more and more as the story went along, so much so that I'd listen to the next in the series. Usually YA fantasy is not my cuppa, but some of the twists worked for me. Listening to 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

I am watching:
Big Brother just started - my summer crack. We also like watching America's Got Talent with the children.
I also just got a Netflix password (possibly the last person in the world) and I spent some time today browsing around and deciding what I want to watch.

I am reading:
Just finished Poppet by Mo Hayder, a creepy British police mystery. Just one more in this series, Wolf. Next up, The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowing.
I also finished reading all the final exams last week, which is the best feeling the the world.

Books Entering House:
I am very excited to read The Fireman by Joe Hill in July. A nice little sale, with free shipping made this book the perfect birthday present to myself. Plus, the #Firemanreadalong

Plans for summer:
Not much of anything. I live a simple life!

  • A few trips to the beach 
  • keeping my hanging basket of flowers alive
  • trying some new vegetarian meals for my daughter
  • eating out on some patio restaurants in downtown Charlottetown
  • family reunions on both sides 
  • reading and listening to books
  • watching both daughters play soccer (both girls) and softball (oldest girl)
  • spend some time at the cottage my sister and I share
  • Canada Day!