Friday, August 18, 2017

BOOK: Airborne by Kenneth Oppel

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel (10 h 46 min)   Full Cast Audio

Book One of the Airborn Series

This was a fun, rollicking adventure set in some alternate Steampunk time. Matt Cruse is a cabin boy aboard a flying airship and hears of a legend about some mysterious flying creature. There are pirates, a lost island, strange animals, and everything takes place in the air.

I haven't read a lot of Steampunk (maybe one book?) but this was good. It is certainly young adult or even childrens, but still, a fun fast-moving fantasy adventure book.

YA Sync keeps releasing the first in a series, which can be annoying. Most are generally stand alone but can be continued. There haven't been many where I would listen to another one. A few years ago, The Colours of Madeline by Jaclyn Moriarty was one that I was very impressed with, and read the second. I just ordered the third in the trilogy from Indigo.

I would read the next one in the Airborn series. As a bonus, Oppel is Canadian and is the same age as me.