Saturday, June 2, 2018

BOOK: Canadianity by Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens

Canadianity: Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing by Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens , 288 pages

Aw, two Canadian icons (who have a podcast together) have written a book about Canada. Their podcast tries to define Canadianity and now they have written a book to share their stories and travels across this big great country. Just a couple of Bahds, having a little love fest. Needless to say, I enjoyed this book.

Jonathan Torrens is a bit younger than me and lived in my little suburb outside Charlottetown. Most people think Sherwood is just a part of Charlottetown, except people from Sherwood who say they are from Sherwood. You may know Jonathan Torrens from Trailer Park Boys (J-Roc) or maybe you are a bit older and remember Street Cents, a consumer info show for teens. He's a Canadian guy, or bahd, as T &T continually refer. A good guy and very funny.  Someone to have a beer with. Because Jon is originally from PEI, the PEI chapter is quite long which I also loved. 

Taggart was the drummer from Our Lady Peace, not a band I listened to but I've definitely heard of them. He's also middle aged with lots of great stories of growing up in Ontario and also being a rock star. 

Each province gets a chapter, with stories from the bahd's travels or show biz experiences. There are lots of lists for each province - famous people, places to see, food to eat, great bands. Canada is big, but also it's a lot of small places too and it was fun having been to many places and recognizing people and places. 

It's an enjoyable read about the collective Canadian experience (especially for people of a certain, ie my, age). Great job Bahds!