Saturday, April 7, 2007

UPDATE: March books

I see other people doing a monthly update and that seems like a great idea. I wish I had started earlier in the year, just as I wish I had started doing reviews of my reading earlier. Oh well. March was a great reading month for me, and all the children's books from the banned book challenge helped, as did having a March break week. I am not doing well in the Chunkster Challenge at all, and I need to pick up a big book and sacrifice the numbers. I feel like there have been a lot of classic books that I missed in my reading over the years, and I am trying to read some of these famous books and get myself caught up. Of course, seeing lists like "the 1001 books you need to read" certainly ups the ante and makes any goals you set seem rather meaningless.

Total Books Read: 18
Books Read for Banned Book Challenge: 5
Books Read for Spring Reading Thing: 3
Books Read for Reading Across Borders: 6
Books Read for Chunkster Challenge: 1
Books Read for 15books/15decades: 4
Books Read for top 50_books challenge: 2

New Authors that I want to read again: Kundera, Adams, Gaiman, Gunesekera, Camus, Calvino, (I even have books picked out for each of them I would like to read, eventually)

Best books: The Gun Seller, American Gods, Ordinary People, The Big Sleep
Blah: Elizabeth Costello, On the Water
Great Mysteries: The Shape of Water, Partners in Crime