Saturday, May 12, 2007

LIST: Used book sale finds

  • Our local newspaper held a used book sale with proceeds to a literacy group in the province. they filled a whole store at the mall with used books. I limited myself to one hour and $20 and here is what I found:
  • The Wizard of Oz (the local high school just put on this musical, I thought the kids might like)
  • Kidnapped - RLS
  • Madame Bovary - Flaubert (a classic I've been wanting to read; I started on dailylit, but never finished)
  • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz - Mordecai Richler
  • Silas Marner - George Eliot (katrina just gave this a good review)
  • Oryx and Crake - Atwood (a dystopian novel, if it's here I might read it, although Chris didn't give it a rave)
  • Lie Down with Lions - Ken Follett (I love his Pillars of the Earth novel)
  • The Little Prince - (I was planning to read for Once Upon a Time)
  • The Incredible Journey (for the kids)
  • Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (I'm reading for the classics challenge)
  • A Tale of Two Cities (might be my first Dickens read)
  • The Dog Who Woulnd't Be - Farley Mowatt ( I really wanted Owls in the Family, but this is funny too: for the kids)
  • A Red Death and A Little Yellow Dog - Easy Rawlins Mysteries (for the hubby, and me too)
  • Chronicles of Avonlea - LM Montgomery (her short stories; I like to reread these)
  • A Lesson Before Dying - Gaines (somebody? reviewed this recently)
  • Never Have Your Dog Stuffed -Alan Alda (kaliana gave this a great review)
  • It's Fine to be Nine (Jack is nine, and we have the collection already for Six and Seven)
  • Goosebumps: My Hairiest Adventure - RL Stine (kids)
  • My Teacher is an Alien - Bruce Colville (kids)


  1. Great finds! :)

    I really liked Madame Bovary and Silas Marner!

  2. Wow, you came home with a fun stack!


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