Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OTHER: keeping track with bookmarks and lists and things

Hey! thanks to bookfool, I have a brand spanking new, handmade bookmark to keep track of my reading. You know what a wonderful photographer she is, and the bookmark is one of her photos of a bird. It is amazing. And another bookmark, which my son nabbed, of a riverboat on the Mississippi River. It is so much fun to get mail, with an AIR MAIL stamp. See what fun things can happen when you participate in challenges. My name was drawn from the Chunkster Challenge check in post.

In other news, I need to see an update on my challenge situation, and where I'm going.
Spring Reading Thing: just finished, yeah :)
Once Upon a Time: Good Omens - reading
A Midsummer's Night Dream - I found an annoted copy at school. Then done
Chunkster Challenge: My Sister's Keeper - by the end of June. Then done.
Nonfiction5: read one; planning to start another one the first of June and then the first of each month: Assassination Vacation is checked out and ready to go. I also have Devil in White City on hand
15books/15decades: the summer classics challenge will take care of this
Dystopian : this goes til November. If I can do one a month - June: Never Let Me Go. 3 more
Southern Reading Challenge : starts June 1st: Miss Julia is ready to go. 3 in total
Classics Challenge: starts July. 4 in total
Summer Mystery : Miss Julia again! or Princess of Burundi. 6 in total

And I think I'm late to the party, but I am loving librarything ! So much fun, to catalogue, to list, to label, and reorganize. And then, look at other groups and lists and find even more books to read. I can't wait for school to be done - 3 more weeks of classes, then exams- and then I can read without guilt of knowing that I am not correcting the little darlings lab reports.

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  1. For some reason I can't post on your meme, but I just HAD to tell you that in addition to sharing a love of Bruno and Boots, I too hated Lord of the Flies! I'm still scarred by it.


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