Thursday, September 20, 2007

ETC: Trailer Park Boys video clip

PEI is pretty quiet, all in all. Here's an example.

Eleven years ago, Gary Gormley killed Clifford McIver in a drug robbery with lots of scandal and some hint of homosexuality as McIver was gay. Gary was caught and convicted pretty easily, but the whole trial was front page news every day. Gary was a well known criminal around town, but considered a good old boy before the murder. His accomplice was the more hardened guy, but didn't do the actual killing. This story is not sounding like idyllic PEI at all.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Gormley is now near the end of his life sentence, and he had declined parole, because he felt he wasn't ready for society. He is now at a minimum security jail just across the bridge in New Brunswick. So he 'escaped.' He's been on the loose for a while. Lots of rumors - he'd gone to Ontario to get the guys who told on him, he was on PEI because that's where he's from. But still no sightings at all.Today, he drove to the RCMP barracks in Stratford, a five minute drive from my house, to turn himself in. There were no police there, so he waited 15 minutes until they turned up. Back to jail he goes.

Kind of like this scene from the Trailer Park Boys, a local show from Nova Scotia that might air on Bravo or BBC America in the states.
Caution: bad, bad language. Really. I'm not just saying that. If coarse language upsets you, DO NOT watch this clip. If it doesn't bother you, enjoy! Notice how Julian always has a rum and coke in his hand.

Ricky trying to get arrested


  1. That's kind of funny, in a low key kind of way.

    I was reminded of how in "The Big Lebowski" Dude always has a white russian in his hand.

  2. Oh, the TPB! I love Bubbles. I swear I know guys like that.

  3. kookie - I sense that you were underwhelmed. It's done as a mockumentary and the actors improvise a lot. They are super popular here in the Maritimes

    chris - I'm trying to spread the TPB love around. The episode with Rita McNeil and Nancy Reagan was on the other night - so funny.


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