Sunday, August 31, 2008

WEEKLY GEEKS: Book Photo Tour (# 14 )

The theme this last week is for Weekly Geeks to post book photo tours of their own. I decided to take pictures from around our house of everyone's book shelves, and along the way, I discovered that our house could use a decluttering. Let's see what I was able to find for books.
I realize I am a week late, but I took the pictures and wanted to do the post, even though there is already another weekly geek theme. I must say that Blogspot is much more user friendly for picture uploading than livejournal, unless I am completely missing something at live journal.

The living room, with most of my books that I am keeping, and or plan to read, along with a bunch of family pictures:
The littlest reader, who is just about able to read at age five, and starts kindergarten this week. Here's our collection of Dr Suess books, some board books, and a pile of Clifford and Franklin and Backyardigan books.

Eight year old daughter's bookshelf. There are probably books in a pile on her bed as well. Sometimes I think she is really great at starting books, but she doesn't seem to finish them as well. She can have seven books with bookmarks in them, all at the same time.

When we got the bunkbeds, we found a set with book cases at the head. How could you have a bed with no place to keep a book you are reading? Ten year old boy spent the summer re-reading Harry Potter.

Here's my bedside table, after I cleaned up and took out a huge pile of books that had been read.

And finally, the kitchen, with the shelves of cookbooks. I think that Betty Crocker book with it's big CookBook printed on the sides was one of middle daughter's first words. It's perfect to read, with the rhymes. "I know how to read 'cookbook'."

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  1. I love your bookshelves! And especially that all your kids each have their own :-) My kids share, and we already have two full shelves for them alone. so your youngest child is in between my two youngest (Holly-Anne will be 6 in Dec, Graham 4 in November). I'm amazed you find time to read as much as you do, with three kids and teaching. and write great reviews. and join as many challenges....


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