Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

Arg! Exams to correct! Christmas presents to buy! Broken computer! Throwing up child! No time!

In reading, because even with all that stuff going on, I still must read a little bit. So when I get a chance, I peek in on the Rosecommon Mental Home in Ireland and listen to, captivated by, Roseanne McNulty's life story. She is over one hundred and has been in the home a long time. I'm not sure she should actually be there. (The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry)

Where is reading taking you today? answer in the comment or post to your blog. Let everyone know what interesting places you are travelling and people you are meeting.


  1. I'm in a pub on the shore of England. Just across the Channel, France is weathering the Reign of Terror, and the talk on both shores is of an Englishman who boldly yet secretly saves the nobility.

  2. Here's mine:

  3. Did it again and posted to wrong day! This is where I am this week!


  4. Mine is up:


  5. I'm in Ireland in 1885 with Tomas Larkin and his son Conor in the midst of the Irish people's struggle for freedom from Great Britain.

    Trinity by Leon Uris.

  6. SuziQoregon said...

    I'd like to just add a note to those who post links or URLS to blog posts here - while I track the comments to this post and read every comment that is posted, I rarely click links and never copy and paste URLS to go to somewhere else to read where you are.

    I really appreciate those who actually post a comment telling us where they are.

    So Thank you to kkfea74!!

    Just my humble opinion of course . . .

    (edited and reposted because proper spelling helps)

  7. I've been in Vancouver but now I can't decide where to go next. I have 3 choices (Paris, Sweden, China) - where do you think I should go? :P

  8. I'm in Southern American, the recent death of a black slave owner is creating an unsettling feeling among the household. Will his wife be able to cope with the running of the plantation?
    (The Known World)

  9. I am in Northumberland! Reading Wife in the North!

  10. I am in the France in the court of the Sun King, annoying my husband by not staying away from court. (Angelique and the King by Sergeanne Golon).

    I am also in the American South. My sister has just come home and we are trying to rebuild our relationship, at the same time as I am trying to push away the man next door with my magic food (Garden Spells by Sarah Addison)

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  12. Wow, things seem pretty overwhelming right now! I hope they calm down soon.

    I'm dividing my time between 20th century Russia (chatting with the devil) and Jerusalem (where I just watched Pontius Pilate sentence Jesus to death). It's Bulgakov's The Master and Margrita

  13. Susan Burling Ward has left her beloved East to follow her husband Oliver Ward through a series of rough Western mining camps so he can achieve his dream of being a successful mining engineer.

    "Angle Of Repose" - Wallace Stegner


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