Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

We had another meeting of the Ramona Book Club here last night. That's RAchel, MOm, and NAna. We read Anne of Green Gables, each a different version actually. Rachel read an abridged version, reading level grade 1-2, Nana read the original, and I read Before Green Gables (I've read the original too many times to count). We drank red juice that looked suspiciously like raspberry cordial, and ate some cookies, and listened to our Anne and Gilbert CD and discussed the books, and Anne, and the plays. Rachel saw both plays this summer, so she is really quite the expert.

I get to pick the book next time, and I've chosen Owls in the Family by Farley Mowatt. It's a favorite of Rachel's too. Her next pick is Because of Winn-Dixie, and I suggested we watch the movie for that meeting. That will be our first repeat author, as Kate diCamillo also wrote Tale of Despereaux. Do you participate in real life book clubs too?

I am on the road to Azerbaijan with some Gentlemen of the Road, on a rollicking adventure so far. (Michael Chabon) I'm not far in, but it would make a terrific movie. Where is reading taking you this day?


  1. This is such a fun little idea - and a great way to blog about my books! I sure hope you don't mind that I jumped in and played along on my own blog...

    Happy Reading to ya!

  2. Hello,

    My reading has taken me to two different countries today - England and Canada - You can go http://booksandneedlepoint.blogspot.com/2008/11/where-are-you_25.html for more!


  3. I'm having fun being a fly on the wall in a Chicago Ad Agency - here's a link to my post - check out my Teaser Tuesday from the same book while you are there!

  4. I'm in 1950s southern California and 1920s London.


  5. I'm still in Ireland. It's 1905 and I'm in Dubllin now. Still with Conor Larkin as the tensions continue between those who want Ireland to remain united with England and those who favor home rule.

    (Trinity by Leon Uris)

  6. I have been in New York in the summer of 2059, innestigating a serial murderer. (Purity in Death by J D Robb).

    Now I am in the House, trying to defeat Lady Friday (Lady Friday by Garth Nix) and I am about to split my time between modern day Australia and mid 20th cetnury India (The Lost Dog by Michelle de Kretser.

  7. I'm still in Moscow.

    I'm not currently in a real-life book club was I was before I moved.

  8. I can finlly share where I am again... meaning I've moved to a new book! I'm in Salem Mass. trying to deal with a past that's making me a bit crazy. (The Lace Reader)

  9. I'm in 1829, England, the fictional town of Middlemarch, reading about the lives of the different people who live there (Middlemarch) :-)
    I love how you have this little reading club with your family! And I love Anne of GG, Owls in the Family....you are giving me good ideas for when my kids get a bit older and can share more in the reading, too.

  10. oops, I posted mine yesterday but forgot to comment here. I've been travelling quite a bit lately. Last week I headed to Paris, then after that to Washington State with a short trip to Italy, and now I'm in China.
    Mine's here.

  11. May I say yet again, I love the family book reading group. Candleman and I were in Portland recently and went to Grant Park to see the statues of Ramona, Henry and Ribsy. We listened to the first chapter of Henry Huggins on our trip. I have not read any of Beverly Cleary's books. I need to remedy that.

    Haven't heard of Owls in the Family. Are you as excited as I am to see the movie of Despereaux?

    I am in Jacobean England between 1601 and 1605 as the Gunpowder Plot is forming. I know next to nothing about this time period, but am satisfyingly embroiled in the political espionage. (The Firemaster's Mistress)

  12. I'm on the planet Winter, getting to know its inhabitants.

    "The Left Hand of Darkness", Ursula K. Le Guin


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