Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

How is everyone's reading challenges going so far this year? It seemed a lot of people were backing off a bit from challenge overload at the first of the year. Are you pleased with how things have gone? I cut back, but am still reading for quite a few. My goal this year is not to read a book just to finish a challenge. If it happens, great, but I'm not going to go out of my way at the end of a challenge to pick a book I don't really want to read, not when there is a whole pile of books that I really want to read.

Sometimes I am being chased by the brothers of my late husband. I am a widow by my own hand. Life was not easy for women in the early 1900s in rural Alberta. (The Outlander by Gil Adamson)

Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly the brain can make a decision based on so much information in the Blink of an eye. (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell)

Where is reading taking you today? Make a post, leave a comment, spread the word.


  1. I'm in Korea, a French animator with a small minded view of the country around him (Pyongyang)

    And I'm just about to start a road trip around Cenral America with Jack Kerouac (On the Road)

    I signed up to way to many challenges this year, but I'm not so bothered about completing all of the challenges just trying to stretch my reading, and I enjoy discovering new unheard of books through the other challengers reviews and also discovering new bloggers

  2. Here I am - driving through Paris!

  3. well, I did sign up for a few challenges this year (four so far, and I expect to join one or two over the spring/summer), but I sort of picked the challenges based on what I was already expecting to read this year!

    You can see where I'm at, here.

    Have a great week, everybody, and Happy Reading...

  4. I'm right at that place. I need to finish two books by the end of the month to finish two challenges. But I really want to finish my current book first. Hummmm. I haven't decided what I'll do.

    Here's my Where are you post.

  5. Good morning. I'm back in the 1800's.

    My teaser is here: http://joyfullyretired.wordpress.com/2009/02/17/tuesday-plum-creek

    I joined lots of challenges since this is my first year doing this whole blogging thing. But so far I'm happy reading such a variety.

  6. katrina - On the Road is just in America I believe. That was one of the first books I DNF'd. Hated the book. I know people love it and it's a classic, so hopefully you will like it.

    fleurfisher - that sounds really good. I haven't heard of that book before

    Mo - sounds thrilling! I do that for challenges too, but I overestimate what I am capable of reading sometimes.

    beth - Politically naive? Not how you picture Cleopatra, but I guess she had to start somewhere.

    margot - I've been reading that series with my daughter (9) but we've fallen off lately. Thanks for the reminder of how great the Little House books are, we'll have to start again.

  7. Raidergirl3: Cleo's learning pretty fast now -- being in Rome is opening her eyes to the wider world.

  8. Here is where I am today, plus other memes in which I'm participating this week.

    So far, I'm glad I'm not in Pyongyang, but wish I was on the road with Jack Kerouac or maybe with Cleopatra. I always like traveling with her. My best travels with her were in a series by Steven Saylor called the Roma Sub Rosa series. She wasn't there for the whole journey, but the ones with which she was involved were fun.

  9. I'm in Alabama. My sister (who has always been more impulsive than I am) informed me yesterday that at the age of 65, she has just purchased a country western dance club because it will be 'fun'. This morning she called me and said that the guy she bought it from has just been found murdered in the club.

    (and that's just in the first 20 pages)

    Murder on a Girls' Night Out by Anne Perry (#1 in the Southers Sisters series)

    As for challenges - I seriously cut back this year and I'm glad. I only have 3 active challenges right now and I'm liking the freedom that it's giving me to be more spontaneous in my reading choices. I'm also focusing a lot of my challenge reading on 'the next book' in some of the many series I have started.

  10. The Outlander was a good book!
    I'm here.

  11. I signed up for a ton of challenges - this is really my first full year doing this - but I also have been getting a lot of arcs and they are going to take priority - if they fit in a challenge - super! I figure, if I don't finish some challenges, it still made me read more than I probably would have!

    I am here: http://booksandneedlepoint.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-am-currently-on-plane-leaving-south.html

  12. I am here:


  13. I really enjoyed The Outlander.

    I'm in Japan, trying to figure out why people died one week after watching a peculiar video. Ring, by Koji Suzuki (yes, the movie was based on this book).

  14. I'm in Paris and Portugal:


  15. Here's my link to my post!!


    I think I will complete my challenges but I'm o.k. with it even if I don't!

  16. I'm in San Francisco with Grace Slick.

  17. I am in England, fighting against Napoleon with the Air Corps, including the dragons! (Empire of Eagles by Naomi Novik).

  18. Both of the books you are reading I want to read! I look forward to your reviews.

    I am just about to leave World War II Chicago. I am supposedly a dancer. hahahahaha! (Ten Cents a Dance)

  19. I'm on a cattle drive to Montana with Gus and Call and the rest of the Hat Creek outfit. Lorena has just been stolen by the indian renegade Blue Duck.

  20. I'm a day late but I still want to do this. I am in San Francisco without a green card. I came from Japan to get married, but my fiance just dumped me. (Midori by Moonlight)

  21. This week I was in an unnamed city in Japan. Here's my post.

    I'm trying to finish off a challenge from last year that I was behind on and that ends this month but otherwise I think I'm mostly on top of the rest of them.

    BTW, I made a new button with different text, just for fun. You can see it on the post I linked to above, if you like.


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