Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

If I could dance like Hugh Jackman and sing like Anne Hathaway, this is where I'd be singing and dancing, as your host for this part of the program. Suey has had the comments open all week, and the nominations are now closed.

I'll leave this poll up for about a week, with the Accounting Firm of Ernst-Waterhouse protecting and keeping all the results secret, unless you hit the secret 'Show Results' button. Then, next Wednesday I'll post the results and give a new Bookword definition as we try to find the right Bookword.

(Are you looking at me? Do. Not. Fall in Love With Me)

Great suggestions this week, I picked the ones that I thought best represented what the suggestions were trying to convey. If I've missed one, or you have suddenly thought of a brilliant idea, use the write-in vote option.

At this point, I should bring out SuziQoregon to provide some inspiration as a former winner of the Bookword Game, to compliment you on your wonderful suggestions, and honour your potential in any future Bookword Games, and hopefully make you cry with her beautiful words. Unless you hyperventilate like Amy Adams almost did.

The nominees:
Page-re-turner serena

bookcrawler bookPsmith

Neverending Story chantele

Page Generating Book suziqoregon

UGHster booklogged

Are We There Yet? Coversgirl

CheckBook joy

Is it over yet? or Can I stop now? Jan

PageYearner tinylittellibrarian

PageCounter booklogged

*lala lala lala* song by Beyonce inserted here * lalalala*

Now on with the voting:

sorry, poll now closed.
I hope you all watched The Oscars to make sense of my post this week?


  1. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were great, huh? I enjoyed the opening of the Oscars and the Musical is Back segment. I wasn't sure about Beyonce but she pulled it off!

  2. There's one of those that really speaks to me for this situation and it wasn't my word. This was a harder situation to come with a word.


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