Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

My daughter's homework this week is to write a book review, How Does It Rate?
The questions include:
What I liked best about this book was ... because...
Another thing I liked was ... because...
What I did not like about this book was... because...
The best character was ... because...
I think the book would be better if...
One part I would not change is ...
The person I think would enjoy this book it ...
Then rank it from Forget It, Pretty Good, OK, Good, Super

It's a great outline for a book review, maybe I'll use it for my next book review.

Don't forget the Bookwords Game, taking suggestions at Suey's for "a nonfiction book that reads like a fiction book." There are a few good suggestions already, but you might have just had the perfect idea. Head on over there, and I'll have a poll here on Wednesday.

Reading wise, I am in Connecticut, investigating the murder of a Yale student. Looks like a good old fashioned murder mystery with the single, female journalist who is dating the cop, and she seems like a wise guy. (Sacred Cows by Karen E Olsen)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. I think I'm in New Orleans (I'm not very far into it) but I'm also jumping around a bit--. There are a lot of people being killed or about to be killed. (The Reaper--the book we bought at Costco that felt good. Remember?)

    I'm also in Stephen King's realm. I love his short stories. In the most recent one, I'm in the mind of a psychiatrist who's committed suicide, reading his case notes on a certain patient, which has been kept secret.

  2. I'm in Devon - the date is Midsummer's Day 1348. See here.

  3. I'm still in England, Derbyshire this week. More details here.

  4. I'm in Africa, c. 1899. Here's mine

  5. I'm in New England with Marmee and four sisters.

    Come see me at Joyfully Retired.

  6. Still bouncin' around this week, but right now, I'm in the Sierras

    Enjoy your week, folks!

  7. Hi!
    I'm in 1871 Utah with the Mormons. You can see the rest at my place, Just Books.


  8. I like that outline for a book review..I might have to lift it once or twice :)

    Here's where I am:


  9. I like it!!


  10. I,m in my garden in the UK inside Lisa Garner's head - a very disturbing place


  11. I'm in a small town in Colerado and I'm also in Forks, Washington.

  12. Hi, Raidergirl! I'm in Texas in the 1840s with a Mexican girl who was basically sold to a Texas Ranger, though it was covered with a wedding. (The Texicans)

    I'm also in Pratchett's amusing Discworld (Pyramids) and San Fransisco with Patterson's first Women's Murder Club (First to Die).

  13. it's 1918. Life has been a little traumatic. I'm 10 years old and I've been kidnapped by a magician who works for a carnival, but I don't really want to go back home anyway, so I'm making myself useful and learning the ropes.

    World of Wonders - Robertson Davies.

  14. It's interesting that your daughter's teacher has laid out such a format for the review. I normally let the kids in my class just write a reading response, but this is a good way to get them to think deeply about what they've read. I need to think about what I'll do next year in the classroom...25 years, and I'm still looking for the best practices! In terms of what I'm reading, I've been finishing Kafka on The Shore for the second time around. It's just an amazing book, full of conundrums, but one I love all the same.

  15. bellezza - I think the review was copied from a book, looks like a bulletin board book, so all the reviews would look the same. There is a thermometer to colour for the rating. She filled it out for Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire. She's in grade 3.


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